Monday, 22 May 2017


Throughout May I am at an open House in Brighton with the five ways group on the first 4 week ends.

May 23rd. Theatre Severn with the AGM of the Shropshire WI.

May 27th. Tewksbury Arts and Crafts market in the high street.

June 3rd. Cirencester Arts and Crafts Market in the revamped market place.

June 10th. Made in Shropsire in the Square Shrewsbury.

June 17th. Cheltenham Arts and Crafts on the promenade.

July 1st. Summer exhibition on the Guildhall, Much Wenlock.

July 1st Cirencester Arts and Crafts.

July 8th Made in Shropshire in the Square in the Shrewsbury.

July 15th. Cheltenham Arts and Crafts Market on the Promanade.

July 29th. Tewksbury Arts and Crafts in the High street.

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